So a quick update on the Ardour adventure. I’ve become rather distracted and done absolutely zero music tasks. Why?

  • In OS X, many windows are always on top of everything. So I’ve been investigating this and discussing with the lead developer.

  • Figuring out why the preferences pane sometimes doesn’t draw at all… and only finding how to reproduce it, not how to fix it.

  • Trying to figure out why various windows don’t correctly place themselves with dual monitors.

  • Writing some lua-scripts to replace functionality that I’m used to in DP (or liked in Cubase).

    Subsequently, I’ve ended up testing some new additions to the lua-api over the last few days.

  • Performance on my machine is unusually poor with more than 1 processor selected. I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to figure that out.

  • Learning to build/package the OS X version, which I have working nicely now.

  • Figuring out why some tooltips show shortcuts, and some don’t.

Now you may think that this will reflect poorly on my ‘ratings’, but I’ve actually had quite a lot of fun. For a “normal” user that just wants things to work, Ardour would have been somewhat unpleasant so far. For me… it’s fun.