Oct. 24, 2016 -day of capture

Folder tracks don’t show levels when recording sub tracks. Very confusing. Spent ~15 minutes trying to see why my folder weren’t working as groups only to give up and see them working on playback.

Trying to figure out how to zoom to a selection, 30 minutes of fiddling. Zoom commands not listed with shortcuts in the menu. Can’t find ‘zoom undo’.

I’ve already counted 21 floating windows. I’m fairly sure I’ve only just now opened pandora’s modal window.

Oh hey, some things dock. Wait… sometimes. Why is that docked? Why isn’t that docked? Where’d my dock go?! How do I re-dock this?!

WTF!? Why doesn’t cmd-` work for anything. Ugh.

Ok fine, I’m going to just record some tracks. So how do I group some tracks… a groud command? No, a window, of course. Can I cycle it with cmd-`? Of course not.

Tracks recorded. WTF why is a track moved? Oh, I moved it while trying to move the playback cursor.

Ok, let’s re-align these drum tracks a bit. Oh jeez. I keep moving the playback cursor. Why isn’t everything moving together? I have the tracks grouped!

Oh, you have to group the clips… that totally makes sense, not.

Fine, let’s just try and mix this a bit. Let me grab pro-q2 to adjust the kick first and… ANOTHER FLOATING WINDOW. TWO OF THEM. Just to add an effect.

Ugh. Forget it for today.