I’ve update the DAW Chart! I know, you’re excited.

Here’s the features of this update:

  • FLStudio 20.5
  • Logic 10.4.5
  • Reason 10.4
  • Mixbus 5.2
  • SAWStudio removed - I will not be purchasing the SAWStudio64 update, so it would be perpetually out of date from this time forward. (Also, I hate windows)
  • NEW Excluded sections - These sections only count if you manually weight them. They do not show in the “Combined Totals”. This allows me to have highly subjective ratings that are ‘opt-in only’ for total ratings.
  • NEW Menu category
  • NEW Window Management category
  • NEW Subjective Section
    • NEW Weirdness Category - how far does the DAW deviate from the norm?
    • NEW Comprehensibility Category - how difficult is it to become an ‘advanced’ user of a product?
    • NEW Fragility Category - how do a product’s updates (or lack of) impede your workflow?
    • NEW Professionalism Category - how well does the product cater to ‘professional’ (money-making) workflows orthogonal to music-making
    • NEW Simplicity Category - This is NOT EASE OF USE. Simplicity is related to comprehensibility. It’s ease of understanding as opposed to ease of use. Unlike comprehensibility, this is how little knowledge is necessary to comprehend the primary workflows of the software.
  • NEW Bias Category - Like anyone, I have a bias to/for a given product. I have done my best to convey how I feel that I’m biased on a scale of 0-10. Weighted only.
    • NEW Preference - My personal preference for the products.
    • NEW History - How long I’ve been using the product relative to its total existence.
    • NEW Connections - My personal connections to people, testing and my own dependence on the product.


This post took 11 hours to code, research, text, write and edit.