One two by four
Free, sturdy and useful

The thing above is a 2-stage stool. It’s a 35.5”/90cm tall bar-stool that allows you to swing your legs back more than normal. It’s also a step stool!

The joinery is almost entirely drawbored mortise and tenon. There’s a decorative doweld-dual-V bridle joint in the center and where your feet sit are half-open dowelled lap joints. The half-open joint allows your feet to rest without the possibility of tearing the end grain of the seat.

The real fun part of this is that the entire stool was made with no power tools of any sort and the material is a single pine 2”x4”x10’ found on the side of the road.

It was glued almost entirely with rice glue that I made. The exception was the seat laminations. The entire structure is sturdy based entirely on the mechanical structure of the joints. The rice glue is just insurance. I’m certain that you could throw it off a building and the joinery would be unscathed.

Now I need to darken the finish to match the kitchen that it’s set to go in, and stabilize a few of the knots with some epoxy.

(shoutout to Darn Tough for making the world’s best socks, and with a no-nonsense lifetime warranty!)