• Mobile Updates

    Small update, lots of work: The site should now work better on mobile.

    Sorry for taking so long, but I don’t have a phone with a web browser so I never really paid much attention.

    It should be much better now.

  • Bitwig Effects review

    Effects! Bitwig’s effects…

    Bitwig comes with a number of stock effects. Not only are these effects largely competent in their own right, Bitwig also has some very clever routing and a comprehensive modulation system that greatly enhances what you can do with the devices.

    I’m going to cover every single audio effect included in Bitwig with a basic rundown of what it does, some cool bonus features and my ADRB rating.

    Spoiler: Overall rating:

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  • Bitwig Modulators - The coolest part of Bitwig

    Simple synth made with modulators!

    Bitwig has what they call their unified modulation system. The modulation system is a set of modulation devices that can be applied to any visible parameter of any effect or instrument in Bitwig.

    Along with the capability of modulating existing parameters, Bitwig’s modulation system is capable of being a full-fledged digital modular synthesizer!

    Come with me as I walk you through probably the coolest feature in Bitwig, and perhaps a ‘killer feature’ if you’re looking to switch to Bitwig from another DAW

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  • 7 Days no music results

    I’ve had a number of readers ask me what happened with the 7 Days of no music. Well here’s a short update.

    The original idea was to explore a few things, some of which I didn’t express in the original post:

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  • Bitwig feature review - Note Expression

    Note Expression Note Expression in action

    One of the major features that sets Bitwig 2 apart from other DAWs (such as Ableton Live) is Note Expression.

    Note Expression, at its core, allows you to apply modulation of certain parameters to specific notes. The original midi spec only allows for control messages to be attached to the whole stream of data. With Note Expression, you can have a complex part where only certain notes that are specifically controlled.

    After the break I’ll break it down even further with some examples.

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  • Improve your Double Bass Pedal's Feel

    This is what your double kick pedal is most likely. 2 U-Joints that connect a slave pedal to the main pedal.

    As can be seen in the video, if the angle of the 2 joints is not identical, you can be left with a bothersome lumpy-feel in the movement of your slave pedal.

    After the break I’ll show you a couple easy ways to make sure that your U-Joint angles are setup identically to allow for optimal feel.

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  • Bitwig first impressions

    Bitwig first try First Day of Bitwig 2.1

    So my first few days of Bitwig have been interesting. I can’t say that it’s been a pleasant experience, but rarely is learning a new DAW.

    Remember, these are just first impressions. I will dive in with more detailed analysis and review as this series continues over the next 26 days.

    Click through for much more detailed first impressions.

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  • 30 days of wigging out

    bitwig! It’s time!

    You may or may not know, but I have an anonymous electronic music side project. I have used Renoise for this for many years, but in the spirit of my 30 days project, I will be using Bitwig Studio 2.1 for 30 days.

    Why now? Well, basically because there’s finally crossfades. Seriously.

    I will be doing large reviews like I’ve done for the other DAWs, so check back twice a week for more fun!

  • The Apron

    Beautiful and functional apron

    So here’s my awesome new apron that my wife made for me. It’s a cross-backed apron with locking clips at the waist for holding it snuggly against my body. Custom fit, and it feels so nice to wear even with a bunch of stuff hanging off it.

    I can bend, twist, squat, sit and spin in circles without the slightest bit of discomfort despite having a number of commonly used tools on me.

    Click through and mouse over the images to see what I’m using in it!

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  • Upcoming because sick

    New Apron Sick Apron

    My wife made me a great shop apron that I’ll be doing a breakdown of soon. Also some Reaper, Digital Performer and Maybe a Studio One 3.5 post…

    However, I’ve had a nasty head cold and I’m still recovering. Expect stuff in the next few days!

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