• Another tale of fantastic customer interaction - TBProAudio

    IsoL8 orthographic Render ISOL8 orthographic render

    Perhaps you remember my previous post about Sonimus’s fantastic customer interaction. Well recently, on the same subject even, another company has stepped up: TBProAudio.

    Click through for the interaction and timeline.

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  • Transfer mouse DPI/CPI settings to a different resolution device

    Calculator The Real calculator is later in the post

    Do you have multiple computers, and use multiple mice? Then surely you’ve experienced the frustration of moving between the computers and the cursor movement feeling different. This really annoys me, and maybe it annoys you.

    I’ve written a little calculator to help you translate your mouse cursor movement between devices and I explain how/why it works.

    This is a wall-of-text with minimal pictures, but it’s worth reading if you care about your computer workflow.

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  • Patreon is Live!

    Nothing fancy here, but I’ve setup a Patreon since I’ve been asked about it so many times.

    I’ll be keeping the Patreon page up-to-date and pursuing this idea. Nothing else on the site will change, except possibly more content when Patreon goals are met.

    The paypal donation is still live as well. You can just click the DONATE! link in the upper right to get both options.

    (New 30 days post coming soon! 🍎 🖥 🎶 hint hint)

  • 30 Days without Fabfilter products - The Conclusion

    Fabfilter Some choices I’ve made

    So a little over a month ago, I decided to not use any Fabfilter products for 30 days. I felt like I rely on them perhaps too heavily.

    This post is to help wrap this up and show my conclusions. I’ll discuss if there’s any products I felt were superior for my uses, if there’s any products I found a new respect for, and if I feel that the fabfilter option is simply the best in its class.

    I won’t be talking about the sound quality of these products unless there’s some exceptional aspect of them worth mentioning. I think it goes without saying that I wouldn’t choose a product that I feel is sonically inferior.

    Let’s do this.

    note: Pro-L 2 came out the day I released this, so it’s not considered.

    p.s.: Next 30 days is coming soon… 🍎

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  • QA with Adrian Alexander, A&R rep, of Elliptical Sun Recordings

    QA Q&A with Adrian Alexander

    Recently on the EDM Production discord that I help administrate, I held a Q&A with Adrian Alexander, A&r rep, of Elliptical Sun Records. Specifically we discussed A&R and the music industry.

    Click through for the whole Q&A as I’ve transcribed it.

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  • Reaper macro controls, the cool way

    Macro Knobs(sliders) in Reaper! (video)

    Have you ever wanted to control many controls with one control? Automate many parameters with a single track?

    Are you using Reaper?

    Then this is the blog post for you! I’m going to walk you through the process of creating easy macros in Reaper with a very flexible and quick method.

    Previously I have covered a similar method. I suggest checking that out as well for more ideas. Or you may want to check out one of my other wacky posts about routing in Reaper

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  • Run LV2 plugins on macOS

    LV2VST x42 EQ x42 Equalizer in Studio One 3

    There’s some awesome LV2 plugins out there for Macs, like the X42 plugins. Not everyone uses an LV2 host on macOS, but many people do use VST hosts. Even though mac-compatible LV2s, especially with GUIs, are rare, it’s likely that increased user interest will generate increased developer support.

    If you end up using an LV2 and enjoy it, please contact the developer and let them know that you appreciate their work!

    So here’s a short tutorial on how to use lv2vst to wrap your LV2 plugins to VST!

    First will be a run-down for moderately experienced users/developers. Then I’m going to assume that you are on 10.11+ and have a bare-bones installation and know basically nothing.

    This is written in my typical style rather than in a documentation format. This is not documentation. This is a how-to. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

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  • A tale of amazing customer interaction - Sonimus

    Sonimus EQ StonEQ 4k

    Recently Sonimus released StonEQ 4K which is an SSL 4k series EQ emulation.

    I bought it.

    If you read my most recent post about what I want in an EQ, you might be confused. Why did I purchase an EQ that has only what I do not want and none of the features that I do want?

    Read more to find out.

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  • What do I want in an EQ (and some tricks!)

    EQs Small Selection of products

    While doing my 30 days without Fabfilter I’ve realized just how great of an EQ that Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 really is.

    I haven’t yet found anything that does everything that it does, and does it as well. Apqualizr 2 is an excellent alternative with its own unique strengths, but for every feature it has that Pro-Q 2 does… Pro-Q 2 has an equally valuable feature that Apqualizr is missing.

    There’s many alternatives. Rather than go through the products themselves, I thought I’d take some time to explain exactly what I am looking for in an EQ at a high-level. I’m ignoring some more esoteric things and sticking largely to things that impact my workflow directly.

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  • Adam A7 switch and fuse replacement

    Take it apart A7 front panel removed

    I love my Adam A7 monitors, but they have a known issue with the power switches ‘locking’ in the on or off position. This happened to me and the fuse also blew. I know this is a simple repair, but I thought I’d browse the web and see if anyone has explained how to do it. I found nothing except some somewhat poor videos on the topic.

    So I’m going to walk you through the process step-by-step.

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