VS Code
VS Code in action

Firstly, I’ve added a Donate Button in the menu bar, and at the bottom of every new post. Some of these posts take me a lot of time, and I will also be relaying how much time it took me to create the post.

On another topic, I have a thing I do called my “Monthly Challenge”. Once a month I purposely challenge myself to something new. It may be creating a new habit, changing a habit, trying new software etc… I’ve written about some of these in my DAW posts, but I will be trying to post about all of them on my blog now.

This month I’ve decided to stop using VIM for text editing. I’ve decided to try the following editors in its place: Sublime Text, Atom, TextMate, VSCode and Brackets.

I will tell you that off the bat, I absolutely LOVE VSCode. I’ve written the last 2 components for this site and the last 2 posts with it. I’ve done a small C project and a few python scripts as well. It’s FANTASTIC. I may not even try the other editors! (Well that’s a lie. I triet Atom first, and it was slow as molasses, so I won’t be going back to that.)

There might be a hint as to what I’m working on now in this post. It shouldn’t be difficult to spot :) It’s A LOT of work though, so give me a day or two to finish up.

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