I have made some updates to the REAPER script showcase and to the DAW Chart.

More importantly I have decided that I need to update the site only once every weekend, rather than every 4 days as I’ve done for nearly 2 years. I have started doing videos for nearly every single post and the posts have become more in-depth and time-consuming to write.

I will continue to try to have videos every single week and a new post every week accompanying it. There will still be small posts in between occasionally, but the big post will come out on the weekend along with videos.

If you have any ideas for content, or if there’s something you’re struggling with that you’d like me to explore then please send me an e-mail. I use gmail and my name is audiolabs.

If you haven’t taken the time to Donate or become a Patreon then please consider it. I take between 20 and 40 hours per week creating some of this content. That is time that I could be using to earn extra money or enjoy hobbies without needing to log every aspect of what I’m doing, but instead I present this information on my website entirely free.

This site will never have ads or affiliate links or any other sneaky ways of me trying to take your money or profit off of your existence. Instead I ask that you voluntarily support these efforts.

If you cannot afford to support the site monetarily, then simply commenting on articles means a great deal to me. If you can subscribe to my Youtube channel then that will help me eventually begin to monetize that avenue of information delivery (with ads).

Thank you everyone!