Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X in action

Let me start this out by being totally clear: This is not the first time I’ve used Logic Pro X. I’ve used Logic 9 and Logic Pro X for 100s (1000s?) of hours in the past. However, I’ve never blogged my experiences using it, and I’ve never used it as my primary and only DAW for any significant period of time.

That starts now! For the next 30 days I will be using only Logic Pro X. I will be covering things I normally cover like: my first impressions, features I really like, things I really dislike, and reviews of included content.

I don’t have much to cover now. I’ve already spent ~12 hours converting projects, reading the entire Logic manual (twice) and re-familiarizing myself with the shortcuts. Soon will come a more in-depth post.

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Parts in this series: