Waveform v9
Waveform Version 9

You may have heard of Tracktion before, since it’s been around for the last 17 years or so.

I personally was a huge fan of Tracktion, around version 1 and 2, for doing my own personal music work. Tracktion was then purchased by Mackie around version 3. In my view, Tracktion was totally ruined during this period. It became buggy, feature additions were limited and communication with the community was reduced to basically nothing. I don’t know what transpired behind the scenes, but it was unfortunate.

With Tracktion V4, ownership was gained by the original author along with some others great folks. Development ramped up again. Many new features were added. Roli acquired JUCE, which is the library that makes up the core of Tracktion/Waveform. There’s a strong core behind Tracktion in 2018.

Here we are at version 9 now. Tracktion is no longer the name of the software. Tracktion is the company that makes the software which is now named Waveform. I’ve avoided reviewing Tracktion or Waveform for the last few years because I feared that I would need to do a ‘side review’. A side review is where I only use the software aside my main DAW, much like how I did the Bitwig review. I rather try to use the DAW for at least 30 days as my main software, but I can only do that if the software offers a bare minimum of capabilities that I require.

I think that Tracktion Waveform 9 has managed to cross the line of ‘daily driver’ for me.

For the next 30 days or more I will be using Tracktion Waveform 9 as my main DAW. I’m unsure how I’m going to format this review yet, since I want to try something new, but you will definitely see the full effects/instruments reviews and the in-depth content that I always try to provide.

Waveform is a rather unique product and I think that this will be an interesting adventure. It will be even more interesting since I’m taking delivery of various products to upgrade my computer, a new interface, more preamps, more microphones, more outboard, new monitor control, more monitors and some fun audio software in the next few weeks too!

I did not pay for this copy of Waveform 9. It was provided as ‘free’ not-for-resale review copy. If I am happy with the product I will be purchasing a license for my own personal use at the end of this review. The NFR nature of the license will not influence my judgments in any way whatsoever.

Hopefully the first post will be up in the next 3 days. I have a lot of work to do in the next 2 days!

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