Today I’ve decided to begin trying spacemacs. For years I used emacs for things like orgmode, Common Lisp and Clojure. I also used emacs as somewhat of a C IDE with some ungodly CDET configuration. Yet, I still almost always editted text in vim.

So you may know that earlier this year I attempted to remove emacs from my life. I was partially successful as I have managed to slim down to only use emacs for Lispy-code and Babel.

Recently though, someone suggested that I try spacemacs to get the best of both worlds that I’m used to. So that’s what I’m doing right now. Writing this post in spacemacs. First though I have a question about something really simple…

So I went to find out the IRC. Oh, it’s on some weird ‘gitter’ thing. Alright, no problem.

Wait. You have to attach your github or twitter account to talk? What? Huh?

Alright. I’m done with spacemacs. Back to vim.