I am not a web admin. I’m not a web guy. I’m not a network guy. There is one thing that I think I’m pretty good at though, and that’s responding to well-spoken criticism.

So https is live and here is why it matters. Please update your bookmarks to use https://www.admiralbumblebee.com!

Here is how I set it up on my server using certbot and apache. Type the commands in the boxes while ssh’d in to your server.

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot - add the certbot repo
  • sudo apt-get update - update your apt packages
  • sudo apt-get install python-certbot-apache - install the certbot bot for apache
  • sudo certbot --apache -d admiralbumblebee.com -d www.admiralbumblebee.com -d admiralbubblebath.com -d www.admiralbubblebath.com - setup the bot and acquire certificates for the domains associated with this website
  • 1 - it asks if you wish to enable redirection. I have this turned off currently. I may change this in the future.
  • sudo certbot renew --dry-run - This simply checks to make sure the certificate renewal process works correctly in 90 days when it expires.

That’s all there was too it. It only took me a few minutes.


Since this post I installed certbot-auto. This is as easy as navigating to the directory that you wish to install it in, and using the following 2 commands:

  • wget https://dl.eff.org/certbot-auto
  • chmod a+x certbot-auto

Use ./path/to/certbot-auto the same way as you use certbot in the above information. It automatically updates itself and generally works better.

I also forgot to mention that I added a cronjob for renewing with the command crontab -e then adding the following line to the end of the file (this is for apache, which is what I run):

52 0,12 * * * root /home/certbot-auto renew --quiet --pre-hook "sudo service apache2 stop" --post-hook "sudo service apache2 start"