So I found out that you can download old versions of Studio One quite easily in your user account by clicking the “View Previous Versions” button right below the “Download Installer” button.

So now I’m going to run 3.2.0 unless I find out there’s a solution to the bug I was dealing with. The bug I was dealing with is as follows:

  1. Start a new project
  2. Song Setup dialog
  3. Audio I/O Setup tab
  4. Double click to edit the name of an input (do not hit enter!)
  5. Press the tab key. Arrow keys or page up/down

For me this instantly crashes Studio One. It is an annoying bug because I like to name my inserts per project. I may simply go back to 3.2.1 and setup a template where I name stuff with the mouse (gross!), but we’ll see.

I’ll keep the blog up to date with my experiences with Studio One as my month progresses.