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UPDATE: Please see the new DAW Feature Chart for more up-to-date information and a way cooler chart.

So I’ve been schooled in some Cubase things. Thusly I’ve updated my DAW Comparison chart rating, and what follows is some reasoning behind the changes.

What does this new scoring mean? Well… I don’t know. DP is pretty cool, yo.


Editing Tools

Old: 2 - New: 7

  • Divide Track list. What an exceptional useful command when editing various parts relative to a single part. How I missed this before I don’t know. Extremely useful. Worth 2 points alone.

  • Cmd-Shift + Range Tool - I missed this before. I frequently became annoyed having to drag across all tracks to make a full vertical time selection. This makes life way easier.

  • Understanding that audio editing in Cubase is largely about working with time-selections rather than object selections.

  • Always having undo history open helps. I’m very used to the undo window in DP and I didn’t adopt this workflow in Cubase, and thusly I became annoyed with constant cmd-z to undo edits I didn’t like.

Zoom Functionality

Old: 3 - New: 6

  • Zoom Tool Standard Mode: Horizontal Zooming Only - I much prefer the Zoom tool with this off. WAY better.

  • Assign cmd-[ to zoom undo, and cmd-] to zoom redo.

  • Zoom to project macro.

Multitrack editing

Old: 4 - New: 5

  • Still bothered by not having overlapping or nested groups!

  • Not being able to see a list of active edit groups sucks. It sucks a lot.

  • Using folders to control group editing is addictive. I came to miss this functionality when not using Cubase.

I/O Map & Rename

Old: 2 - New: 6

  • Discovered Presets. Much more useful now. Now I can have I/O setups that show correctly when using s/mux.

  • Old rating was based on me being an idiot and routing things in my interface’s control panel improperly.


Old: 8 - New 10

  • Cubase’s PDC is actually the best that I’ve seen. I’ve tortured it and it holds up.

Key Commands

Old: 3 - New: 6

  • Macros make up for a lot of missing commands. This isn’t so bad.

  • I’ve found a lot more commands that are useful as I’ve grown used to Cubase’s terminology.

Multitrack Freewarp

Old: 0 - New: 4

  • Cubase supports the same method that I gave DP a 4 for.

Group/Buss Creation

Old: 9 - New: 10

  • I discovered the “Selected tracks to new Folder and add Group channel” Macro. Macros aren’t so bad!

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