Quick update! I’m working hard on the next DAW v DAW article (Part 7.2), but it’s been labour intensive.

What I’ve done so far for the next DAW v DAW:

  • VST/AU Event Logging and Timing Plugin - provided by the author of the fun and unique Cadmium
  • Latency Measurement Hardware - Hardware MIDI->Hardware Audio true latency measurements. This has taken a while to make sure that the hardware is putting out accurate results.
    • Hardware generates a MIDI message and measures time till audio impulse.
      • After a lot of testing and fiddling with assembly, I believe I have this accurate within about .2µs. Total overkill, but why not?
    • (Image above is screencap from oscilloscope while I was testing.)
  • Article scaffolding - Outline and concept
  • DAW Installation - Not sure if you’re aware, but installing and setting up 10 DAWs in Windows and making sure they behave properly IS A PAIN and a time sink.
  • Discussion - I took time to discuss the topic with a number of “advanced” users of the DAWs to get some ideas of what they experience and what they’d like tested.

Site Updates:

  • A user took the time to suggest some enhancements to the layout of the site. He supplied the suggestions directly as a commented css file, which was wonderful. I implemented a number of these, and some modifications of them.
  • The DAW Chart should look better on Mobile.
  • The DAW Chart has a key now.


This post took:

  • 2 hours to write.
  • 5 hours to implement the css changes.
  • ~45 hours of fiddling with hardware and software stuff for the next DAW v DAW post.