Fridge guards
Wood refrigerator shelf guards

I’ve been busy working on a music-based post regarding DAWs lately. It’s very time-consuming but the results of the work are rather interesting. It could possibly cause a rather large uproar in the music world…

Meanwhile, I needed new fridge door guards. I still need to sand, add another coat of paint, then chamfer and plug the screw head bores. You can see the ridiculous attachment method on the bottom. I basically had to carve that out by hand and eye so it fits tightly. Sitting on the kitchen floor with my wood-chip-filled zafu and japanese-style porta-shop setup was fun.

The original plastic guards need to be bent to install, but these are too rigid. Prettier and more permanent joinery was not an option since I need to install them in place and have the option of non-destructively installing them later. I did make a nice blind-domed-dovetail guard, but I couldn’t get it in.

And yes… I am cleaning that nasty gunk on the bottom. It builds up quick from various soy-based spills :( I clean the thing bi-weekly.

Cost to buy 3 new guards? $94 before shipping and tax.

Cost to make 3 guards? $2 worth of pine + 3 hours (including 2 coats of shellac-based sealer and 2 coats of paint)