All done!

I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 that is setup as part of my live rig. To change the master volume, it requires that I reach down and blindly grab the correct one of about 30 knobs. If you haven’t guessed, I rarely get it.

The solution is simple. Make a bigger knob out of sapele, of course.



First thing we need to do is start with a block of wood. A nice piece of Sapele will do it. I measured and found that a 1” knob will fit nicely and be quite large in context.

Start Your Engines!


Now I chuck it up in the lathe to get the profile I want.

Now it's round


There needs to be a center hole for this D-shaped knob shaft to go. I toss my drill chuck in the lathe tailstock and get going.

Drill the hole

This time with the lathe on!

It’s almost a knob!

Get that nasty square part off…

Cut off the square

Now it's a knob!

Give it the D, part 1

First step to making the D hole is to cut a little sliver of wood. In this case it’s exactly 1mm thick.

A scrap to a sliver

Now it needs to be trimmed to the correct width with a sharp chisel. Note that you need to go WITH the grain. If you go against it, then it will split in a way you don’t want. Pay attention to the grain!

Slice it down

Now the back of the slice needs to be rounded so it fits nicely in the hole.

Round it up.. up I guess? Last thing was down, so this must be up

Give it the D, part 2

Cover the slice in some medium viscocity CA, insert and then spray with some accelerator.

Makin' the D

Trim it down to look nice

Make it pretty

Some Indication

A centerfinder is used to line up the ‘indication point’ on the face. The flat face of the D shaft points perpendicular to the indication mark.

Center the indicator

I then took a V chisel and cut the indication mark on the face.

Ready for Finish


CA as finish! The pen turner’s favorite thing. I like to apply it with Kimwipes. These things are my favorite finish application product now.

Yeah, I use this stuff. It works quite well and it's quick.


Only took about 30 minutes. It will probably save me that much time fumbling around in just a few days.

That's it!. Please look at the plastic and the bubbles. FEEL IT. FEEEEELLLLL IIIITTTTTTT

Yes, I keep the plastic on all my stuff. Deal with it.

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