I get a lot of e-mails and messages asking me “What’s your favourite…”. I don’t think anyone should really care, but my wife has been pushing me to put together a page about it for years now. I have capitulated.

So now in the features section you can go to the “Favourites” page


I average a couple dozen “What’s your favourite…” or “What do you use for…” a week. Sometimes I get a few dozen per day. This ranges from studio equipment, to health products, to woodworking, to electronics equipment, to clothing (seriously, I don’t understand.) and more.

My wife has been urging me to do this and to use affiliate links. Affiliate links being links that take you to a site with a special code and I get some kickback for it. I won’t be doing this.

Everything that can be reasonably linked is linked with bare links. I get nothing from you looking at the items. If you want to support the site than you can subscribe on Patreon or donate directly.

I will be trying to keep the list up to date if/when these things changes.

I would also like if you read the header on the favourites page.


The favourites page took me 13 hours to compile and proof.