I don’t like duplicating existing content. If there’s something out there on the internet with sufficiently similar content and presentation to what I want to do, then I don’t do it.

This 4th and final article in the Cubase Series has me ramming into a barricade of mental spewage.

Every idea I’ve thought of for Cubase falls into one of 3 categories:

  1. I don’t feel sufficiently knowledgeable to write about it e.g. persnickety notation moaning. (I can sight read 3 clefs, but I’m not that particular about notation)
  2. I’ve written about it before e.g. Things I hate about Cubase.
  3. Someone else has done it.

Since I’ve done some research on the “Someone else has done it” front, here’s the resources I found that ‘blocked’ me from writing a proper article this week.



Here are some ideas I thought of writing about, but presented by someone else:


I know this article seems like a copout but I can’t stress enough how much information Steinberg has on their official Youtube and the Cubase Youtube.

When writing articles first I have to come up with my idea, write a simple outline, check the manual, try the ideas in the context of the outline then see if there’s any duplicate content out there. I can do this pretty fast, it usually only takes me ~20-45 minutes for an article.

Unfortunately this round I kept finding that the fairly mundane topics I planned on writing about were largely covered. Nothing I could come up with had sufficient depth or difference from existing content to satisfy me. Even the

I guess this article can be reframed: Cubase is an incredibly well documented DAW. Yes, there are some dark corners where it can be time consuming to figure out what you need (Expression Maps, Freewarping), but the information is there.

This is my punishment for thinking I could come up with 4 more unique articles on Cubase.


This post took 13 hours to research, write and edit.