Site updates this week! Click through for a list of what I’ve done this week, if you care.

If you don’t care, then hopefully the next article will tickle your fancy for esoteric articles about things you can’t find anywhere else on the web!



  • Elimination of templating code to improve site build times
  • Update of Comparator code to: improve display resolution, fix a few bugs and prep for an upcoming article.
  • Organizing of scss for better development experience.
  • Added more funny quotes.


  • Improved mobile experience: click on/off menu, full list of navigation items, make search look nicer, improve article display.
  • Responsive Design update: fixed a number of formatting issues on different sized screens.
  • Improved text readability by adjusting text colour
  • Better support browser extensions with font-size changes
  • Add “by tag” and “by year” sorting on the categories page.
  • Improved colours in Dark Theme.



These updates took 17 hours to test, implement and research.