Sonimus EQ
StonEQ 4k

Recently Sonimus released StonEQ 4K which is an SSL 4k series EQ emulation.

I bought it.

If you read my most recent post about what I want in an EQ, you might be confused. Why did I purchase an EQ that has only what I do not want and none of the features that I do want?

Read more to find out.


The start


The original GUI
The original EQ

Does this make you nauseous? It make me nauseous. The GUI is rendered as a perspective projection.

No matter which direction, or which lighting you look at this image at, your brain is tricked. If you stare at the image, like many of us do, for a period of time then look away you may suddenly feel dizzy or nauseous because of the perspective cues that don’t make sense.

I’m not looking “down” at my computer screen. I don’t have lights in the upper right. I don’t get that close to an EQ when I use it. Worst of all, the perspective doesn’t change when you move positions.

This isn’t an uncommon thing. A number of developers use perspective rendering. People like me have issues with it though.

Recently sonimus released this product and they were met with a lot of criticism about this rendering.

What they did

The progression

The timeline…

While the new GUI still has some visual cues that are practically nonsensical, they are at least consistent. This resolves the seasickness issue for me.



Sonimus responded to criticism in the best possible way. They took time to understand the people with an issue, offered options, took more time to understand the response to those options!, and responded further.

The ultimate result being that they have earned themselves a fan.

And you know what? StonEQ 4k is pretty damn good.

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