IsoL8 orthographic Render
ISOL8 orthographic render

Perhaps you remember my previous post about Sonimus’s fantastic customer interaction. Well recently, on the same subject even, another company has stepped up: TBProAudio.

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Initial request


IsoL8 perspective render
ISOL8 perspective render

On the 5th of December ISOL8 was released by TBProAudio. It was discussed on a few social services I use, and a number of people commented about the perspective projection render.

So I e-mailed TBProAudio.

Hello. I was just made aware of your new free product

I know it is not in good taste to complain about a free product, but I thought I should drop you a note. I run a music chat server with 4000+ active users ( and some folks were > recently talking about isol8. A number of users immediately complained that the GUI made them feel nauseous or seasick.

Another developer recently had a backlash about this here: and they > responded very well. They changed the rendering mode from perspective to an orthographic render and many users were very happy.

I don’t know how many people would take the time to e-mail you about this, I think most people would simply just not use the product. So I’m alerting you to this issue in case you are > interested in addressing it.

Thank you for releasing a great free product!


TBProAudio responded in about 9 hours with:

Hello Robert,

thank you for the hint! I´m not affected, but i got the point. I will talk to my GUI designer:-)

regards TBProAudio

Fast resolution!

Today, the 11th of December, I received an e-mail from TBProAudio

Hello Robert,

OK, we got the message :-) We just release V1.0.1 and changed GUI to orthographic rendering. Just to let you know…

regards TBProAudio

AWESOME!. It’s quite the rarity for developers to respond to changes in GUI based on feedback, especially so quickly. ISOL8 now has a orthographic render.

I’ve not spend much time using TBProAudio products, however I sure will give them all a shot now!

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