Some Pot

Hide glue is awesome stuff. I use Behlen Hide Glue and my glue pot setup is very cheap and very effective. For $15 you can have a fantastic hide glue setup…

Buy it

The key is buying 2 cheap items. A SCR-200 Small Crock-Pot and Ball Half Pint Mason Jars. Target usually has the best prices on these two items. I purchased my Crock-Pot on sale for $7.99.

Use it

All you need to do is mix your glue in the ball jar and set it in the Crock-Pot with the temperature set to low.

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Prove it

The SCR-200 set to “Low” keeps the water at a perfect ~140°f-145°f temperature. It takes about ~15 minutes to bring the glue up to consistency from a room temperature state.

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Bonus it?

Bonus tip #1: The first time that I put the glue in to the Crock-Pot, I use an Aicok Water Boiler with the temperature set to 160°f. I pour that from about 2ft up in to the Crock -Pot and set it to low. The water temp is practically perfect after the high pour. Stir it every 20 minutes, and you have a fresh batch of glue within an hour.

Bonus tip #2: A 2:1 ratio of water to glue by weight offers an excellent working glue.

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