I got some cheap old hardware store plane from my Uncle, and I decided to to a partial restore and conversion to a scrub plane.




Pretty nasty condition to start. It was sitting in a bucket with water and other rusted tools.

Frog needs a bath

Bed needs a wash.


Then I take it apart and blast it with #70 Aluminum Oxide with my new sandblasting cabinet.

Paint it

I forget to take pictures post paint. Here’s some prepping.

I painted it with Rustoleum Gloss Specialty Lacquer. I’m quite happy with this product for this purpose, and it looks fantastic!

You can also spot my beloved Olfa AK-4 Art Knife. Check out my very long review on Amazon there.


After paint, all there was to do was a good scrubbing with various abrasives to make it look pretty-ish, adding a curve to the blade, and sharpening.

The tote and knob were finished with a 1:1 polyurethane:linseed oil mixture that has red, brown and black transtint dyes. I wish I had before images. This is a huge improvement over the gunked up and disgusting mass I started with!


It works quite well and now I can hog off some material much quicker!

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